the shore

The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia boasts more than 75km of dramatic coastline. The shore hosts the majority of Nova Scotia’s small islands, is home to many bays and harbours, and is scattered with pristine sandy beaches.

the wild islands

The archipelago of over 400 coastal islands along a 75km stretch of the eastern shore is a protected area consisting of 1,949 hectares (4,816 acres) of islands along the coast. The protected area extends approximately 25 km from the mainland into the Scotian Shelf bioregion.

bays and harbours

The largest water formation along the Eastern Shore is the Chedabucto Bay, at the eastern end. There are numerous smaller bays, harbours and other coastal features along the Eastern Shore, including but not limited to Musquodoboit Harbour, Jeddore Harbour, Ship Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Country Harbour, Tor Bay, and Guysborough Harbour.


MacCormacks Beach
Rainbow Haven Beach (1.5km)
Conrad’s Beach (2km)
Lawrencetown Beach (2km)
Terminal Beach (1km)

Masseys Beach (.75km)
Fisherman’s Beach (.5km)
Grand Desert Beach (1km+1.5km)
Lower East Chezzetcook Beach (1.5km)
Conrod’s Beach (1km)
Martinique Beach (3.5km)
Clam Harbour Beach (2km)
Taylor’s Head Beach (1.25km)
Fancy’s Beach (1km)
Port Hilford Beach (.75km)
Tor Bay Beach (.75km)