the valley

The word “Musquodoboit” is derived from the Mi’kmaq language and means “rolling out in foam”. Musquodoboit is an Anglicized version of the native name. The Eastern Shore’s Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia boasts more than 714 km2 of picturesque land. The three largest communities in the valley are Upper Musquodoboit, Middle Musquodoboit, and Musquodoboit Harbour. 

the river

The Musquodoboit river flows through the Musquodoboit Valley and exits into the Musquodoboit estuary, a harbour that is tidal and winding, making it difficult to navigate. Musquodoboit Harbour in turn flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The river is approximately 97 kilometers long and originates in the extreme northeastern area of the valley. Many small communities follow the winding river as it moves northward. 


The upper part of the Musquodoboit Valley comprises the largest farming district in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The farms range from family-run farms to large commercial scale farms.

the Trailways

The Musquodoboit Trailway offers over 41 km of non-motorized hiking. The easy to walk or cycle 15 km Rail Trail will take you through the diverse, natural landscape that borders the Musquodoboit River and shelters scores of colourful birds, small mammals, and a treasure-trove of unique flora. 

 But that’s not all — the Rail Trail is also an anchor for 26 km of backcountry trails that wind along the granite ridges of the White Lake and Ship Harbour-Long Lake wilderness areas, of varying levels of difficulty and solitude. (1)

Visit the map of the trailway here: Musquodoboit Trailway

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